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Have a large project that requires expert structural steel fabrication or just a single beam? Need a welding solution that will come in on time and within budget?

Here at MAM Engineering we’ve been solving problems just like these since 1974. From the largest structural steel projects in Sydney to new residential developments we’ve earned a name for ourselves as the structural steel fabrication company to go to when you need a job completed on time and within budget.

We may be a family business but over the last 36 years we’ve seen it all when it comes to structural steel fabrication, welding, plant maintenance, installation and onsite work.

So shall we start on your next project?

Just call our CEO Michael Krcmar today on (02) 9533 6887 for a no obligation project discussion.

Our Services

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Steel Fabrication

No job involving structural steel fabrication in any field is beyond our capabilities. From single members to the largest projects in Sydney, no structural steel fabrication job has presented a problem we couldn’t work out within budget and within the time frame demanded of us.


We provide intelligent welding solutions with exceptional performance. Our welding experts can handle any welding project you can send our way. From small to large welding jobs – we can handle them – no problem. Learn more about our welding services below.


No structural steel fabrication project is complete until it’s installed and working as required. We have time proven, safe and cost efficient processes in place (refined by years of experience) to install the largest structural steel jobs.

Equipment Maintenance

Do you have plant equipment that requires maintenance, installation or relocation? Then look no further, you’ve found the right plant equipment maintenance solution right here.

Factory Removal

From time to time factories need to relocate to new premises. When that means structural steel fabrication and welding is involved it might be a good idea to get in touch with us.

On Site Work

If you’re a construction engineer, architect or builder looking for a professional structural steel engineering company in Sydney to help out with your next project then why not speak to us today.

Design or budget questions?

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Client Testimonials
  • Geoff Malthouse
    Monier Tiles

    Monier Roof Tiles MAM Engineering worked on site with Australia’s largest producer of roofing tiles, Monier in modernising and expanding their existing factory in Sydney. Our contract included mainetance and general engineering work on plant and equipment.

    “MAM did a great job in our production line growth. They helped us to meet our expansion plans and everything was done on time and within budget.”