mahmoud December 5, 2021

Year: 2021
Location: Mosman, NSW
Architect: Collins & Turner Architects
Materials: Aluminium
Project Duration (Fabrication , Design & Installation): Approx. 6 months

Affectionately known as the ‘Screen House’, locals have come to admire and are intrigued by the simplicity and volume of the screens covering this home. The owners of the house approached MAM Engineering P/L directly after no other contractor would deal with both the screen and the balustrade framing together. Privacy screens were mandatory for this home. The owner’s brief was to minimise the framing supporting the screens and balustrade as to not completely block their views of the water. Additionally, the owner ask that the screen would have a minimal look and act as a balustrade in certain areas. Minimal in detail but extremely difficult to execute, MAM Engineering P/L had the building 3D scanned and modelled internally to control the tolerance and ensure the finished product aligned over the three floors. The framing and screens are made from aluminium. Each panel has been laser cut and folded with over 400 slotted holes each. There are a total of 384 screens that encompass the three levels.

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