mahmoud December 5, 2021

Year: 2021
Location: Peakhurst
Materials: 460UB82.1 beams, Roof area 732m 2
Project Duration (3D modelling, Fabrication & Installation): Approx. 6 weeks
Builder: Consulted Projects

This roof structure is for an industrial building located in Sydney’s southwest.It required a clear span to provide unhindered floor space for the proposed gym site. The 24-metre beams were pre-cambered and joined onsite to achieve the open space. This process also made the project more economical in regards to delivery and installation on site. The installation site was located on the first floor. The materials were required to be lifted to the slab, manoeuvred into position and then lifted with a crawler crane. The method was utilised to avoid the high voltage powerlines located along the properties perimeter.

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